This page includes basic information about courses I recommend.




PDF – The Building Blocks of Reading Course Book. This book-based course is useful for parents and tutors who want to do the teaching themselves. To access a sample of this course, click this blue link: Building Blocks of Reading Sample Package. For further information about this course, click here. 

If you look at this information and think that you would be more interested in a video version of the Phonemic Awareness parts of this course, click here to see the free Introduction to Phonemic Awareness videos, and click here to learn more about the Phonemic Awareness Video Course itself.



PDF – Phonemic Awareness Course  This was my original Phonemic Awareness Course. Although it’s useful for students who have hearing problems or who are learning English, more up-to-date research has found that most of these activities don’t have great impact on long-term reading progress for students without these problems. The newer, video-based Phonemic Awareness Video Course focusses on the activities that do have a long-term impact on reading progress.

I include this original Phonemic Awareness Course for teachers and tutors who are required to teach phonemic awareness activities, and are looking for something that is already set out for them.



Video – The Building Blocks of Reading Phonemic Awareness Video Course. This video-based course teaches students the essential pre-reading skills. It’s also very useful for parents who want to learn the phonemic awareness part of how to teach reading. It’s also very useful for parents who want to learn how to teach reading..


(No link below is an affiliate link. I am not compensated in any way for including these courses in this list; they are just courses that I have found that work!
Each one is completely different, so have a look and see if you can find one that will suit your child or student.)

Phonics Hero – for children aged 4 – 9 – Excellent for very young students who love bright, attractive visuals and are good at mouse manipulation. There is an app available for students who are not as good at moving the mouse rapidly.

Read, Write and Type – for children aged 6 – 9 – Very appealing for students who love stories and want to learn to type. Translations are available in several languages.

Reading Horizons – for young children aged 4 – 9 – Very useful for students who need to understand WHY things are done, and who need things to make sense. Rules are taught in this course.

Reading Horizons – for older students and adults – Very useful for students who need to understand WHY things work a certain way. Rules are taught in this course. Translations available in several languages.

Spencer Learning – for children and adults – Good course for students who are learning English and need the words read to them so they know how to pronounce them. In this course, students have lots of control over how they learn and the speed at which they learn. Rules are not taught in this course.

Touch-Type Read & Spell – for children and adults – This course particularly suits students who have learning difficulties, and those who learn best by doing/using their hands. There is a lot of typing practice in this course. The instructions are oral and visual. This course doesn’t include rules.