This page contains a list of all the free PDFs available on this site.


Building Blocks of Reading Course book – Sample package 

To see or download a copy of the Building Blocks of Reading Course Sample Package PDF, click the blue link:
Building Blocks of Reading Sample Package


Can’t hear the sounds

To read this PDF that explains what I recommend for students who can’t hear any of the sounds, click the blue link:
Can’t hear the sounds


(Original) Phonemic Awareness Course 

For a copy of the (Original) Phonemic Awareness Course*, click the blue link:
Phonemic Awareness Course
*Remember that this course is one that includes some activities that DON’T have a real impact on reading achievement.


Phonemic Awareness Video Course 

For a copy of the PDF for this up-to-date version of the Phonemic Awareness Course, the one that teaches the skills that DO have an immediate and a long-term impact on reading skills, get the Phonemic Awareness Video Course here. There is an optional PDF that is part of this package; it contains all the pictures and activities in the course, as well as information about Phonemic Awareness.


Sounds in English 

To get a copy of the List of Phonemes (Sounds) PDF, click the blue link: List of Phonemes  This PDF contains a couple of pictures for each sound.

This PDF is not related to the List of Phonemes video. Sounds in English.  This PDF is just a list of sounds and words that illustrate those sounds.

I’ve explained the sounds in different ways so that if you have trouble understanding one way you’ll be able to understand the other way, or if you need more information, you’ll be able to find it here.

[Also see the Video – List of Phonemes (Phonemes are the sounds in English). In this video, you can hear me say the sounds, and words that contain those sounds. To watch this video, click here to go to the Videos page, and look for the List of Phonemes video.]