Phonemic Awareness Course

Has your child failed to learn to read because of a lack in

essential pre-reading (phonemic awareness) skills?

This 3-hour video-based course teaches these pre-reading skills.

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Is someone you know having trouble reading?

Many people who have trouble reading, lack phonemic awareness pre-reading skills. That means they aren’t able to hear the individual sounds in words – something you need to be able to do if you’re going to learn to read English.

The good news is that students lack these skills not because they can’t learn them, but because they haven’t been taught them – in the same way that children begin school unable to do multiplication and division, not because they can’t learn them, but because they haven’t been taught them.

My Phonemic Awareness Course equips students so they are ready to learn to read. It is a crash course in understanding how written English really works.


This is a video-based Phonemic Awareness Course

In this video course I teach your student the skills that have been proven to have an impact on subsequent reading ability. And at the same time, you learn how to teach reading.

This Phonemic Awareness Course is really a crash course in understanding how written English works – without having to know the letters.

In this course, there are no stress-inducing tests or quizzes, and there is no homework. All the work can be done while the student watches the 12 short videos. In addition, a totally optional PDF is available for students who like to do some hands-on work.

By the end of this 3 hour, 12-video course, you and your student will:

  • understand how written English works;
  • have been taught all of the sounds in English;
  • be able to hear most, if not all, of the sounds in English. (Most is good enough);
  • be able to say most, if not all, of the sounds in English. (Most is good enough);
  • be able to say the separate sounds in a word;
  • be able to blend those separate sounds together into the correct word; and
  • be ready to learn to read.

To watch the first video in this course, click the link below to go to the videos page and watch the:
Phonemic Awareness Introduction for Parents Video

You can download these videos, and you can stream them – whichever suits you at the time. You have access for 90 days, so please be sure to download all the videos and PDFs before you run out of time.


How to use the Course

I strongly recommend both you and your student start at the beginning, and work through all the videos in order (skipping the optional videos if your student is doing well). It’s especially important to do the Bonus videos, because they help students apply their new Phonemic Awareness knowledge and skills to letters – so they experience exactly how written English works in the real world.

By doing these videos with your student, you will not only learn the information, you’ll also learn how to teach reading! This means that if you decide to go ahead and teach my Learn to Read book-based course to your student, you’ll know exactly what to do – and you’ll save a lot of money by doing it yourself, too. Once you’ve done that, perhaps you might like to teach some other people as well – click here for more info. about tutoring.

The optional 73 page PDF sets out all the work covered on the Parents’ and Students’ Introductory videos, and on the other videos in the course, as well as the Learning Letters videos. It’s likely you will need to print little or none of this PDF, but it might be handy to have it.

If the videos are sufficient for your student to truly understand how written English works, don’t waste his or her time doing any part of the PDF; instead, just complete the Phonemic Awareness Course. If your student needs hands-on Phonemic Awareness work, do only the parts of the PDF that are necessary for your student.

After completing this Phonemic Awareness Course

To watch the first video in the Course, click the picture.

When the Phonemic Awareness Course has been completed, students are ready to successfully complete a Learn to Read course. It’s important to keep in mind that students learn to read most successfully when using a full (synthetic*) phonics-based learn-to-read program, such as my Learn to Read Course book that parents and tutors can  use to teach students the different letter combinations.

If you don’t want to do the teaching yourself, see my recommendations for online, phonics-based courses by going to the Courses page.

*  Click here to read an article explaining what Synthetic Phonics is.


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