Phonemic Awareness Course

Even children on excellent phonics programs fail, if they lack these skills.


Most people who have trouble learning to read, struggle because they lack phonemic awareness skills – the essential pre-reading skills. People who lack these skills are not able to hear the individual sounds in words – something you need to be able to do if you’re going to learn to read English.

The good news is that students lack these skills not because they can’t learn them, but because they haven’t been taught them – just as children begin school unable to do multiplication and division, not because they can’t learn them, but because they haven’t been taught them.

My video-based course teaches students the essential pre-reading skills, so they are equipped to learn to read with ease.

Struggling Readers Can Learn Phonemic Awareness in 3 Hours



This course concentrates on teaching the skills that have been proven to have an impact on subsequent reading ability.

In this course, there are no stress-inducing tests or quizzes, and there is no homework. All the work can be done while the student watches the 12 short videos, but there is totally optional PDF material available as part of the package for students who like to do some hands-on work.

By the end of this 3 hour, 12-video course, students:

  • understand how written English works;
  • have been taught all of the sounds in English;
  • can hear most, if not all, of the sounds in English;
  • can say most, if not all, of the sounds in English;
  • can say the separate sounds in a word;
  • can blend those separate sounds together; and
  • are properly prepared to learn to read. It’s important to keep in mind that students learn to read most successfully when using a full (synthetic*) phonics-based learn-to-read program. If you don’t already have one of these, see my recommendations for online, phonics-based courses by going to the Articles page and scrolling down to the Courses section.

* Click here to read an article explaining what Synthetic Phonics is.



To make the most effective use of the materials on the website, I recommend you:

  • watch the Free Video Introduction to Phonemic Awareness video for parents, and download the optional PDF that accompanies this free material by clicking the blue link here: PA Intro Videos and Learning Letters PDF; then
  • take your child through the 2 Free Introduction to Students videos – that explain to students how written English really works; then
  • purchase the Phonemic Awareness Course Package, and take your child right through to the end of that package; and
  • take your child through the bonus videos at the end of that package so that he or she understands how to apply this new phonemic awareness knowledge to learning letters and reading written words.


If you follow that process, your child will:

  • have the essential pre-reading skills;
  • be able to sound out and blend;
  • be experienced in applying his or her new phonemic awareness course skills to letters; thereby being
  • able to read some words; and
  • be totally ready to learn to learn the rest of the letters – and read thousands of words! And
  • you’ll have learned how to teach reading successfully..

When you purchase this product, you are covered by my
30 Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

After completing this Phonemic Awareness Course, students will be ready to move on to a Learn-to-Read course.
Click here to learn more about my learn to read course.

If you don’t feel able to teach reading, look at the list of online learn-to-read courses I recommend here.