“My friends are amazed at how well my children read now, after all the

trouble they’ve had.” Caterina.

“Jason’s confidence has improved out of this world. Even his maths marks

have improved.” Jenny


“You were right about it suddenly going click. Jack got into trouble

with his Nana because he read a letter she’d left laying around. Your course

never taught him to read script, but he can – Oops!” Nina.


“Zac was able to do one of the Readings at his Grandfather’s funeral last month.

He couldn’t have done that even three months ago. He also read a poem

he’d written specially for the occasion.” Ruth


.“Carrie is still sounding out words, but she’s understanding what she reads now.” Evie.


“When I emailed you last time, I said how my husband was interrupting me a lot at night

when I was practising the children’s lesson for the next day.* I know you said I didn’t

need to do that, but I’m not a teacher and I feel a lot more confident if they

ask a question if I’ve gone through the lesson the night before saying it aloud.

You said to use him as a guinea pig. I did and he’s already got a promotion at work

because he can read much better. We’re all so proud.” Sharon.

*Sharon’s husband was interrupting her because he’d hear her practising a sound/letter
or a rule. He kept saying, “Oh! That’s why letter… says sound…”


“I went to Josh’s school and told them they’d had ten years to teach him to read.

Now I was going to take him home and when I had him reading, he’d be back

and not before. We slaved day and night and he was back at school in 3 weeks.

You should have seen their faces.” Lyn.


“I must admit, I had my doubts about this new course. The old one had worked well

for my boys, but when I took my nephew through the new course, he was reading

in half the time. In one term he went from not reading at all, to reading books.

We won’t be needing the reader*.” Jess

*There is a Reader available as part of the learn-to-read course, but no-one seems to need it
with this new course, so I haven’t bothered to put it up on the website. If you think you’ll need it,
let me know.


“I used your previous course when I tutored at […] School, so when my son was getting ready

to start school, I put him on the new course, and he’s up to the foreign code already.

I’m just letting you know because you said you’d need a bit of notice so you could prepare

some reader material for him. No probs so far. He’s so proud of himself.” Jo

After I’d received several emails like this one, I enlarged the Reader to include more
material suitable for young learners. I’ve since found that older new readers enjoy the poems
for young children just as much as the children! But, as I said above – with this 
new version
of the new course, no-one seems to need it! If you find your student does need, 
or want,
some additional reading material, just let me know.


“My parents always complained about the fact that my husband and I home schooled

our children, but over the holidays they heard all the grandchildren reading,

and mine are by far the best readers, thanks to your course.” Annie

“I contacted you the other day about how I was taking my teenage granddaughter

through your course, and how she wasn’t keen (a major understatement) because

there were no pictures, and you suggested I pointed out words she could now read

on road signs, shops and flyers. She’s particularly enjoying reading the junk mail.

I suspect she’s using the information to indulge in a little parental blackmail

once she gets home!” Mary


“When you told me how sooner or later my son would start reading labels on tins

and the back of cereal packets, I thought you were just doing a sales pitch.

But you were right. He’s started reading everything he can get hold of.” David


“Tommy’s teacher told me she didn’t expect he’d ever be able to learn to read

and he was right there when she said it. I was so angry. So I started him

on your course that I’m using with his big brother. Can you do some

reader stuff for Tommy. He’s 6.” Ronnie

This request was the last straw; it convinced me to adjust the remedial course I’d written
older students and adults, so young children could do it. I know Tommy (and I know
what a wriggly 
little soul he is), but I was still astounded to hear that his teacher had
given up on him – as I knew 
he’d been in school for less than 6 months!