Learning to read English is difficult, but this course makes learning to read English easy.

With this course, teachers, tutors, and parents can teach children and adults who can speak English, to read English in a short time.

If your students are learning English, you can use this course alongside any English course, because it will help students learn the sounds of English.

This learn to read course is based on Phonics. This means it is taught according to the sounds in English. I teach this way because this is how written English was designed to be written and read.



It is usual that students who speak English fluently can learn how to read in 25 hours with this course, because the course is taught in a way that makes sense to students.

Students who are learning to speak English can find this course useful because it helps them learn the sounds in English, but they will take longer than 25 hours to learn.

I encourage you to watch the free videos, so you can understand how written English works, and why we should teach it using Phonics.

Very few teaching aids are needed with this course. The teaching aids that are needed, are included in the price of the course.



This 2 part course teaches:

  • how written English is related to spoken English;
  • how written English works;
  • all the English sounds;
  • the letter used to show each sound;
  • how to sound out words;
  • how to blend the sounds together to make a word; AND
  • the rules or patterns used in written English.

These are the things students need to know BEFORE they learn to read English, so that it’s easy for them to learn.



The first part of this video course teaches teachers, tutors, and parents how to teach the pre-reading skills. These skills are called Phonemic (Sound) Awareness Skills.

The first part of the course is on video (and in the book*). The videos version teaches:

  • how written English works;
  • all the English sounds;
  • the most common letter used to show each sound;
  • how to break the sounds in a word apart; and
  • how to blend the separate sounds back into words.

Teachers, tutors, and parents can use this 3-hour video course to learn this material. This video course was designed to be a quick way for everyone to learn the sounds; this often suits students, but some students find it difficult to learn so quickly. If your students find it difficult to learn quickly, please use the version of the course that is in the book*. And if you are unable to access the videos, you will find all this information in the book; it is just in a different format.


At the end of the Phonemic Awareness Video Course  are some FREE bonus videos that teach teachers, tutors, and parents how to teach:

  • a few alphabet letters;
  • sound out written words; and
  • blend those separated sounds back into words.

To watch 3 FREE videos from the start of the Phonemic Awareness Video Course, click here.


To learn more about the Phonemic Awareness Video Course, click here.

The Video Course often appeals to students who speak English very well, but who are very behind in reading. The video course helps students learn the essential information very quickly, so they catch up more rapidly.

*I’ll tell you more about the book below.



The second step is where teachers, tutors, and parents decide HOW they will teach their students the beginning of the course.

The 2 ways to teach students the beginning of this course are:

You can:

  • let your students watch the videos in STEP 1, to learn the pre-reading Phonemic (Sound) Awareness Skills; and
  • the work on letters; then
  • teach the students the rest of the course from the book* yourself.

This is a good way to teach if you are not confident about teaching reading, because I teach all the difficult skills in the videos. Then, when you and your students know what to do, together you do the rest of the work in the book;


2. You can teach your students the entire course from the book*.

This is a good way, if you want to do all the teaching yourself, because:

  • by watching the videos you can learn what you need to know in a few hours; then
  • you can teach your students what they need to know at the speed that suits them;
  • you can change the words to your own type of English; and
  • you can start teaching students to read words immediately*.

*More information about how the course is taught in the book is below.



The course in the book covers exactly the same work as the videos, but it teaches one sound and one letter at a time.

In the book, students start reading words right from the first lesson; many students find this very motivating. The book course also suits some students who have had trouble learning to read, because they don’t feel rushed. And it can also be best for students who are learning English, because it lets them concentrate on learning one sound at a time.

Click here to see the sample Book lessons and the teaching aids for those lessons.

To learn more about this PDF book, click here.